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Artist Crew

Having a happy and efficient crew can do marvels for your career. It's not absolutely necessary to employ all these people, and you can do very well without them. However, it's a must for major stars to have a solid, reliable crew. Only band leaders can hire and fire crew members.

Crew Employed Experience Weekly Cost
Roadie 10 50 21,000.00 M$
Sound Technician 2 50 7,000.00 M$
Lighting Technician 2 50 7,000.00 M$
Driver 2 50 4,900.00 M$
Personal Assistant 5 50 15,750.00 M$
Tour Manager 3 50 16,800.00 M$
Publicist 5 50 31,500.00 M$
Accountant 1 50 5,250.00 M$
Total Weekly Cost: 109,200.00 M$

Artist Crew Explained

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