If you need to bring along special equipment for important events you need some kind of vehicle to transport it in. Transports can also bring along passengers who don't wish to travel on their own.

The band leader is in charge of buying a transport and maintaining it properly. Vehicles should be in good condition and working order at all times to prevent unforeseen mishaps on the road.


Vehicle: Bowing 666 Private Jet
Speed: 750 km/h
License Plate: 107-084
State: Ready to depart
Destination: None
Condition: 40
Location: Arlanda Flygplats
City: Stockholm
Arrival: Arrived in Stockholm 5/19/2024, 4:00 PM local time.
Last Used: 3/27/2024
Cargo Capacity: 6500 Melvin Units.
Current Load: 79
Please note that both personal items and stage equipment impact current cargo load.