Kerkhof / Cimetière

The cemetery. The great equalizer. Your final resting place. Stay away from this place for as long as possible. It's better to be under the table than six feet under.

Basic Info

Locale Type: Graveyard
City: Brussels
City Zone: Zoniënwoud (Countryside)
Management: Brussel / Bruxelles
Quality: 50
Condition: incredible
Cash: 10,332,420.20 M$
Service Cost: 5.00 M$

Note from the Management

Welkom in Brussel!
Bienvenue à Bruxelles!
Welcome in Brussels!

Sujets importants / Important topics / Belangrijke onderwerpen

[GOV] The Mayors Office 2141359.295
[GOV] Treasurer Office 2301630.1

If you need a job in the city locales, please contact with the treasurer.